Thanks for purchasing the GatCrank. To install it, please follow the instructions and tips below. Use the picture as a guide.



First, make sure the firearm is unloaded. Remove the magazine, and check the chamber by sight and feel to make sure no ammunition is loaded.

Take one side piece, the piece shaped like a “L”, and put the two screws in the bottom holes. Take the the treaded rectangular bottom piece, and slide it over the screws. Insert the dowel pins in the top two holes, and slide it over the trigger guard between the dowel pins and the bottom piece. Take the long piece with the cam and put it through the large top hole. The long end should be on the side you want to use to turn it. Put the other side “L” shaped piece on, and put the wing nuts to tighten it. On the bottom piece, thread the black plastic knob into it, and tighten it until it grips the trigger guard. Place the crank onto the shaft, and tighten the set screw. Place the white spacer over the shoulder bolt, and use the nut to tighten it. At this point the crank should be on the trigger guard, and look like the picture above.

To use it. Double check that the firearm is unloaded, and pull the trigger and hold it there. Slightly let trigger go until it resets, but no further. Slide the crank until it contacts the trigger and tighten the knob on the bottom at the point where the trigger reset. You should be ready to go.

Some tips:

  1. If the crank isn’t actuating the trigger, try moving it closer or farther from the trigger.
  2. With larger caliber guns with more recoil, the crank might want to move. To stop this, use black electrical tape around the dowels to give it some extra grip.
  3. If the crank still wants to move, a 1/4-20 screw from any hardware store will allow you to tighten it even more, but also will mark the trigger guard.
  4. To stop any marring of the trigger, use a piece of tape around the cams where it contacts the trigger.


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